B—Line is a company specialised in designer furnishings which, ever since its beginnings, has manufactured contemporary products along with evergreen icons from the past, such as Joe Colombo’s famous Boby storage trolley. Solid, transversal and flexible designs, the result of collaborations with international designers and of an exclusively Italian production.
B—Line is a company, brainchild of its founder, Giorgio Bordin, that restores life to several historical icons of design on the Italian scenario. These are works that have disappeared over the years, made obsolete by the unrelenting ferment of a market that is brimming with innovation. Of the products re-edited, some have made history “contaminating” many facets of art and design, such as Joe Colombo’s famous Boby.
From the very beginning, side by side with its re-editions, B—Line places contemporary furnishing accessories, resulting from collaborations with international designers. Tangible, factual and transversal projects that have the responsibility and honour to co-exist with the great cornerstones of design and to encourage, in terms of style and character, a smooth switch from home environments to working spaces and from outdoors to indoors, areas that are increasingly hybrid and mercurial, as demanded by contemporary lifestyles.
The latest colour proposed for B—Line ’s 4/4 table
29 June 2021

This shade, chosen by B—Line for the 4/4 table designed by Rodolfo Bonetto in 1969, perfectly suits every part of your home, office or waiting room.
This is all about the option CUMIN, already shown in the catalogue, on the colour palette for Joe Colombo’s Boby trolley storage unit.

An innovative colour that enhances the contemporaneity of a highly modular, multi-functional and space saving product. In fact, 4/4 consists of 4 identical injection-moulded ABS plastic elements and is equipped with special inserts that make it possible to combine or superimpose the various modules to create differing furnishing solutions: a round coffee table, a serpentine table or a wall-mounted bookcase with pairs of stacked elements. This latest nuance perfectly interprets the evolution of time and the innovative path taken and perpetuated by B—Line.