Ring, Fishbone and Toro: akin souls, different spirits

Ring, Fishbone and Toro: akin souls, different spirits

5 September 2019

Aesthetics and functionality in the choice of a decorative element, but not only. Materic appearance, pattern and colours all sharpening perceptions, exercising an unwittingly sensorial seduction. Likewise, materials such as sheet plate and steel communicate both lightness and sturdiness, while wood lends warm and natural notes.
This combination characterises three B-LINE accessories, different as far as their intended use is concerned, but the same in substance.

That is the way it is for Joe Colombo’s RING, hyper-modular storage container, available on casters as well, with shell in painted steel plate and shelves in multi-layered oak, a veritable icon of functionality and versatility.

Same combination of materials for the Favaretto & Partners FISHBONE shelf as well, with the support surface in curved steel plate and back in multi-layered wood finish or covered in the 6 different shades of REMIX 2 fabric by KVADRAT, and which can be placed at will to compose original decorative patterns on walls.

And finally, the indoor version of Michael Geldmacher’s TORO chair, in which the tubular steel frame and the multi-layered wood seat are the expression of a highly iconographic and essential inspiration.

Contemporary and elegant, the steel-wood pairing self-assuredly occupies the various rooms in the home, office and the contract sector, enhancing design and the precision of finishes.