B—Line is a company specialised in designer furnishings which, ever since its beginnings, has manufactured contemporary products along with evergreen icons from the past, such as Joe Colombo’s famous Boby storage trolley. Solid, transversal and flexible designs, the result of collaborations with international designers and of an exclusively Italian production.
B—Line is a company, brainchild of its founder, Giorgio Bordin, that restores life to several historical icons of design on the Italian scenario. These are works that have disappeared over the years, made obsolete by the unrelenting ferment of a market that is brimming with innovation. Of the products re-edited, some have made history “contaminating” many facets of art and design, such as Joe Colombo’s famous Boby.
From the very beginning, side by side with its re-editions, B—Line places contemporary furnishing accessories, resulting from collaborations with international designers. Tangible, factual and transversal projects that have the responsibility and honour to co-exist with the great cornerstones of design and to encourage, in terms of style and character, a smooth switch from home environments to working spaces and from outdoors to indoors, areas that are increasingly hybrid and mercurial, as demanded by contemporary lifestyles.
Joe Colombo and modularity
17 July 2019

Joe Colombo made history with his original and dynamic intuitions, exemplified in flexible forms all projected towards the future.
The creations stemming from his genius were nearly always distinguished by extreme modularity, not as an end in themselves, but dedicated to functionality and to a usability dictated by constantly evolving spaces and lifestyles.

A versatile and vivacious designer, one endowed with fervid imagination and yet at the same time, concrete and with a bent for technology, he was perhaps first in the home context to think limitlessly of spaces, relinquishing them, without any type of boundary, exactly like his talent, which has swung freely between art and science.

His pure and highly technical designing approach, devoid of redundant contaminations, matches well with the essential and rigorous style of B—Line’s production which, striving to conjugate past and future, wanted to celebrate the “Tower furniture” concept, as Joe Colombo himself had called it, “ a rational, functional and fully operational” object, thus returning the mythical Boby trolley to the fore, multi-functional and nomadic par excellence.

The same criterion and same destination for Ring, hyper-modular storage unit, on wheels as well, which when appropriate also serves as a small table.

Always designed by Joe Colombo and with B—Line’s painstaking attention to detail, the transformable and ingenious Multichair seating system and Crossed, a generous pouf in which its sartorial excellence emerges, are all part of B—Line’s catalogue.