B-LINE: design is served

B-LINE: design is served

18 June 2019

The collection of B-LINE tables is a veritable journey through signs, shapes and symbols. Strongly evocative designs, witness of a contemporary time and lifestyle.
Real and valid suggestions following one another in the new section of the B-LINE catalogue dedicated to tables and coffee tables created in wood, concrete, steel and polyethylene.

Minimal and informal, they furnish and enrich without distinction collective areas and domestic ambiances. Prominent example is Maddalena Casadei’s new Tran Tran, a sturdy looking wooden table, the perfect partner for all the various daily activities and so hybrid that working, meeting, eating can become combined. It features a rectangular top and rests on a pair of “A” shaped legs, formed by two cylindrical uprights.

Unconventional and sharing the same leitmotif, the Fonda table, once again the work of the Forlivese designer, with its shape softened by a round base and by a circular or square top with curved corners, in the mdf or laminate versions. Essential and hyper-transversal, it combines with a variety of chair types and is ideal for contract contexts or for the outdoors.

The ingenuous Abra by Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher, is instead a sculpturesque coffee table, available in two heights, whose dovetailing creates a support surface on two levels. Made in painted steel sheet with a hollow triangular base, it is suitable for indoor use.
Functionality and aesthetic expression converge in the B-LINE tables, drawing from different extemporaneous influences and from the purity of modern design. Versatile combinations, all to be discovered.